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Each semester, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) provides economic support to students with the Maintenance Scholarship, which consists of 3 thousand 600 pesos that are paid in a single installment.

The summons of semester 2023-1 already published. The program is aimed at high school students graduation and the purpose of the scholarship is to help ensure greater coverage, inclusion and educational equity.

What are the requirements of the Support Scholarship?

According to the call issued by UNAM, these are the requirements that you must meet to apply and obtain the scholarship:

  • Being Mexican
  • Be a student enrolled in a UNAM degree program.
  • Coming from a home whose monthly income is less than or equal to four minimum salaries, in force at the time of requesting the scholarship.
  • have a minimum general average of 8.
  • not count on some benefit for the same purpose of an economic nature or in kind, granted by the UNAM or a scholarship from the Federal Government
  • To apply as an applicant for the scholarship, you must register through the INTEGRA System.

What is the process to obtain the Maintenance Scholarship?

The procedure of the Maintenance Scholarship It is free and applicants must do it personally:

  • They must access the INTEGRA System.
  • They will provide username and password.
  • They will fill out the program application.
  • Application must be printed and keep the voucher issued by the application reception system, which will serve as acknowledgment of receipt.
  • The period for receiving applications will be from September 21 until 11:59 p.m. on October 5, 2022.
  • The UNAM will integrate the scholarship applications that meet the requirements and, based on budget availability, will make the proposal for the list of beneficiaries.
  • The UNAM Scholarship Institutional Technical Committee will authorize the publication of results.
  • The results can be consulted: the electronic page of the DGOAE, the Scholarship Portal and the INTEGRA System from October 21, 2022.
  • If you were selected to be a beneficiary of the Maintenance Scholarship you must: Declare through the Results Consultation System and under protest to tell the truth, that the information provided in the application is true, come from a household whose monthly income is less than or equal to four minimum wages.
  • Deberán manage the payment process that is indicated to them through the INTEGRA System, in the “Message Module”, and in the emails that they registered in the application.
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Key dates to consider if you are interested in the Maintenance Scholarship

  • Publication of call: September 21.
  • Registration of the application: September 21 to October 5.
  • Publication of final results: October 21.

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