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A woman prays after the fire disaster in the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. (Image: REUTERS / Alkis Konstantinidis)

12,000 people on the Greek island of Lesbos are in great need. Several fires destroyed the Moria refugee camp, which consisted of huts and tents. Even before the catastrophe, the situation there was dramatic and now the people have lost everything.

Most of them persevere outdoors, there is a lack of water, clothing and food. Many Germans are ready to help with donations. However, there is often uncertainty as to where a donation makes sense and whether the money will actually reach those in need.

When looking for suitable organizations, the seal of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) can be helpful.

The seal of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI). (Image: DZI)

The donation seal is the seal of approval for reputable donation organizations. Among other things, the DZI checks the relevant companies to determine whether they are efficient, work transparently, operate economically and have effective control and supervisory structures.

DZI-Standards to meet. “data-reactid =” 59 “> The organizations that have been awarded the seal also voluntarily undertake to DZI-Standards to meet.

here. “data-reactid =” 60 “> You can find an overview of all organizations with the DZI seal here.

But not all organizations that do not have a seal are dubious. The consumer center Hamburg explains: “The seal can only be applied for by nationally active organizations, and it costs the organization a processing fee. Conversely, that means: Not all organizations without a seal work dubiously. Upon request, the DZI will also provide free information on around 1,000 organizations without a seal. “

The consumer advice center also advises not to split donations to different organizations. The reason is the administrative costs that come with every donation. Therefore it is better to donate a larger amount to one organization so that administrative costs are incurred only once and then consider another organization the next time.

Donations in kind are well meant, but they are not suitable for every purpose. In most cases it makes more sense to donate money because it can be used flexibly. In addition, goods can often be bought cheaper on site and there are no transport costs.

Donations in kind should therefore only be made if an organization calls for them to do so.

Those who do good will also be rewarded by the tax office. Because donations can be claimed as a special expense in the income tax return. No donation receipt is required up to an amount of 200 euros. A booking confirmation or a transfer receipt is sufficient for the tax authorities as proof. The aid organizations issue written proof of donation for higher amounts.

here at the consumer center in Hamburg.” data-reactid=”71″>You can find more information on the topic of “donations” here at the consumer center in Hamburg.

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