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Snow Man “Snow Man LIVE TOUR 2021 Mania” concert first day performance
Snow Man “Snow Man LIVE TOUR 2021 Mania” concert first day performance
Snow Man “Snow Man LIVE TOUR 2021 Mania” concert first day performance

Sina Entertainment News, according to Japanese media reports, on October 8, the popular idol group Snow Man held the first day of their seven-city tour “Snow Man LIVE TOUR 2021 Mania” in Yokohama Stadium. This is their first performance since their debut in January 2020. The first all-Japan tour was held, and it was also the first time a concert with an audience was held in two months after the concert “Summer Paradise 2019” in July and August 2019. More than 6,000 audience members were very excited.

In front of the long-lost live audience, Snow Man introduced: “Hello everyone! We are Snow Man!” Hearing the applause of the audience, the team members happily said: “Everyone is real! It’s a live-action version!” Said Daisuke Sakuma “I haven’t held a concert together since I debuted, so I want to say that this is the beginning! We Snow Man debuted!” Then the audience responded with warm applause.

On September 29, Snow Man released the new album “Snow Mania S1”, which became the highest-selling album this year. It also set a record for the first week of debut album sales during the Reiwa period in Japan. The cumulative sales currently exceed 841,000. This album mainly consists of songs, plus the 12 songs that were disclosed for the first time. A total of 29 songs were performed, 11 of which were choreographed by Captain Teru Iwamoto.

The concert will feature Snow Man’s debut single “DD. “The curtain kicked off. Under the leadership of Teru Iwamoto, the fans waved their glow sticks. When singing “Super Sexy”, the stage effect designed by Ryohei Abe appeared and sang “PMG.” “Ryota Tokiyakan and Yasui Mukai walked to the audience to interact with fans. When singing “ADDICTED TO LOVE”, Iwamoto Teru, Raoul, and Daisuke Sakuma showed the full English lyrics and cool dances.

In addition, during the concert, Snow Man also announced that their starring movie “A Song” will be released on March 25 next year, and the fifth single “Secret Touch” will be released on December 1 this year. This is Meguro Ren and Naniwa The male director Junyusou starred in the theme song of Asahidai’s Japanese drama “The Lost First Love”. Finally, Tatsuya Fukasawa looked at the flashing lights at the venue and said, “I finally saw such a scene. The debut concert was carried out in a live broadcast format. It was great for everyone who wanted to watch it, but it still didn’t feel like performing in front of everyone. In the same way, Snow Man’s wish has finally come true, thank you everyone!”

Snow Man said that the members are relatively shy and don’t express themselves very straightforwardly, so in the end the song “GRATITUDE” was given to the fans, with all the members’ gratitude. After the tour, 32 performances will be held in seven cities in Japan, and it is expected to mobilize 168,400 audiences. (Boob)


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