Snoopy lives! Insta-Hun Bayley wows the internet

Updated: 05/05/2023 – 20:37

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Snoopy lives! Insta dog Bayley is wowing the internet

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Snoopy is not only popular in the comic “Peanuts”.

Cute dog pictures regularly wow the internet. Four-legged Bayley has tons of fans for one reason: he looks like Snoopy!

Who doesn’t know him, the faithful companion of Charlie Brown from the comic series “Peanuts”, which has enjoyed great popularity again and again since the late 1940s? Everyone who has since always dreamed of petting Snoopy or playing with him can now celebrate with joy. Because in the USA lives the four-legged friend Bayley, who looks like the “Peanuts” mascot. With his loyal stare, fluffy white fur, signature black ears and cute snub nose, Bayley is the perfect replica of the original—Snoopy 2.0, so to speak.

Animal Resemblance: Bayley is so cute

No wonder, then, that since the first post on his own Instagram account last October, he has accumulated a large following. More than 378,000 subscribers follow the everyday life of the two-year-old male. The two dogs differ in one crucial thing: their breed. While “Peanuts” creator Charles M. Schulz describes and portrays Snoopy as a beagle in the comics, Bayley is a cross between a bobtail and a poodle.

Apart from the resemblance to the famous four-legged friend, Baley is a completely normal dog. Unlike Snoopy – who prefers to indulge in philosophical thoughts lying in his kennel – the mini Sheepadoodle loves to curl up on the sofa with a soft blanket or cuddle with his human mom. Some recordings also show him playing in the garden, with toys in his mouth or on his everyday walks through nature. Bayley even owns a little Snoopy stuffed animal that he seems to be very fond of.

Bayley is obviously a genuinely cheerful person who always goes through life in a good mood. But there is another way: We have summarized here how you can tell that a dog does not like you.


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