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“SMTOWN LIVE” online concert, highlights released = “on parade of hit songs”

“SMTOWN LIVE” online concert, highlights released = “Hit song on parade” (Image courtesy of wowkorea)

Two days after the joint concert “SM TOWN LIVE” by artists belonging to SM Entertainment, a major Korean entertainment agency, the highlights of the concert have been released.

“SMTOWN LIVE Culture Humanity” will be distributed free of charge worldwide from 1:00 pm on January 1, 2021 through various platforms such as NAVER V LIVE, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and KNTV.

For this performance, KANGTA, “Tohoshinki”, “SUPER JUNIOR”, “Girls’ Generation” Taeyeon, “SHINee” Taemin, “EXO” BAEK HYUN and KAI, “Red Velvet”, “NCT”, “SuperM” , “Aespa”, GINJO, IMLAY, Raiden, etc. will appear, and expectations are already rising.

“Black Mamba” from “aespa”, “Hero; Kick It” from “NCT 127”, “Déjà Vu; Maiyoji” from “NCT DREAM”, “Turn Back Time” from “Way V”, “Red Velvet” “Psycho”, “SuperM” “One” and “Monster & Infinity”, BAEK HYUN “Candy”, KAI “Mmmh”, Taemin “Criminal”, Taeyeon “What Do I Call You”, “SUPER JUNIOR” “2YA2YAO!” Etc. will be shown, and you can see the stage of the hit songs that excited the music industry this year at once.

This concert is a special performance designed to support people all over the world who are having a hard time in the corona wreckage in the New Year and to convey their hope.

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