Smolensk cynologists worked out the search for a person in the forest during the exercises

Be a coach and best friend at the same time. The canine search and rescue team of the Fire and Rescue Center of the Smolensk Region conducted an exercise to search for a person lost in the forest. Its specialists showed in practice how a four-legged partner can help in such a situation. We continue a series of reports about the professional emergency rescue service of the Smolensk region, which is part of the Fire and Rescue Center, which turns 25 this year.

The energy of these dogs is directed in the right direction. Their endurance is outstanding, which means that they will be able to work for several hours in a row to search for a lost person without a break. According to the legend of these teachings, a mushroom picker was lost in the forest. After receiving an application for the desk on duty, the rescuers, together with the dogs, go to the place and the main command sounds.

Experts say that the search for the “search” command is usually used when the territory where a person may be located is at least approximately clear. If there is no such data, then this work may take longer.

Olesya Potatueva, rescue dog handler of the cynological PSO:

“The search radius can be huge, and, in principle, we leave and then ask in which direction the person went in order to at least slightly reduce the search radius, to understand whether it was a long time ago. The dog ran, and she walks, runs, sniffs, and if she finds someone, she will indicate this with her voice, and, accordingly, a rescuer goes to the dog’s voice.

They are being prepared for service under a special program, which is aimed solely at finding a person in hard-to-reach places. In the dog training center regular checks of “obedience and agility” of dogs are held, on which four-legged helpers must show the speed and clarity of overcoming obstacles. Experts say that the first thing dogs are trained to find their owner. After mastering this command, she can start working. It should also easily pass through narrow tunnels and stairs, climb up – such exercises are included in the general course that a working dog should know. Training goes from simple to complex and takes more than one month. For example, the Belgian Shepherd Ronda, who was not yet two years old, coped with all the tasks the first time.

Olesya Potatueva, rescue dog handler of the cynological PSO:

“There is absolutely nothing complicated, the main thing is desire and patience and understanding of what you want. A dog is a very smart creature and sometimes it is even smarter than a person, and before doing this, you need to think carefully about what you want from a dog. Each dog is individual, each of them has its own character, and must be understood. I love working with dogs, I love teaching them and I love learning by myself. Because if you don’t learn how to work with a dog, it won’t do anything.”

Here, every service dog has an owner. He raises, feeds and educates his pet from early childhood, and all techniques begin to be practiced from the age of six months. A few months of such training, and the four-legged recruit is ready for work.

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Now the canine department of the fire and rescue center contains three full-time dogs, and two personal pets of cynologists who have completed the necessary training course can also be involved. For example, this Labrador named Thor, the rescue dog handler Sofya Karaguzova trained herself, today he was able to pass all the certification tests, which means he is ready to work to find people.

Sofya Karaguzova, rescue dog handler of the cynological search and rescue team:

“Thor is my personal dog, and I got him, including for the purpose of working. You need to do a lot. Thor and I were engaged in precisely “listen” and walking next to 8 months, and it’s too late. Household training, tricks – this is from childhood.

Cynologists, together with their four-legged assistants, search for people not only in forests, but also in man-made accidents, when a person can find himself in a destroyed building under the rubble.

Igor Ermachkov, head of the cynological search and rescue team:

“We went to the collapse of buildings in Yartsevo and on the industrial street of Smolensk, to the gas explosion in Prigorsky, we went out with dogs, and also searched for people in the forest. The main safety rules – the dog is on a leash, and the rescuer with protective equipment: a helmet, boots, gloves. As I say to myself: “Tails made my career.” There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.”

The cynological search and rescue team at the fire and rescue center appeared in Smolensk in 1999. Now six people work here. There are many awards and certificates for good work. Also cynological calculations took prizes in competitions under the auspices of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. And over the years of work, experts have proven in practice that a dog and a cynologist are one, the chances of finding a person increase if there is a four-legged rescuer in action.

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