Smash on Black friday with these accessories for your pet

This Friday November 26 is Black Friday and thousands of Spaniards will take advantage of these days to get the super discounts offered by many brands. Undoubtedly, some will do their Christmas shopping for family, couples or friends, but we are also sure that some will sweep the black friday to get the best accessories for your pets.

At Mascotíssimas we have done our homework and we bring you an Amazon selection of accessories for your pet.

Black Friday: accessories for your pet

-Snack Dental for the oral hygiene of large dogs of the Pedigree brand

It is scientifically proven that giving a Dentastix dental stick to your dog contributes to the daily cleaning of his teeth and helps to keep his breath fresh. The combination of its texture together with its active ingredients make Dentastix dog sticks the perfect ally for the complete cleaning of his mouth.

The pack contains 56 units and can be purchased for different sizes of dogs, with the large size having a 40% discount. Its current price is € 13.25.

-Tractive brand GPS collar for dogs

Locate your pet from your mobile in real time and see the places where it has been with the locator. Define safe areas, such as your yard, and receive automatic notifications as soon as your dog enters or leaves one of those areas.

In addition, you can control the calories burned, the time of activity and rest; keep your dog healthy and fit with the GPS dog tracker. All functions can be managed in the Tractive GPS application for iOS or Android devices compatible with Google Play services, or in any browser; battery up to 7 days and full charge in 2 hours.

The stainless steel hair removal edge cuts through the outer layer to remove loose hair from the lower mantle easily and safely, without damaging the upper mantle or cutting the skin. Skin Guard glides on the skin and reduces the aggressiveness of the edges / Suitable for medium breeds of dog between 9 and 23 kg. The curved edge adapts to the natural morphology and figure of your pet for your comfort / For short-haired dogs.

The can contains 275 tablets and is optimal for ground and elusive fish. The tablets sink quickly, can be placed where needed, and release food little by little. The MultiTablet formula contains shrimp to be more palatable.


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