Slowly more discounts for new cars

Internet retailers are giving an average of 17.9 percent discount on self-configured new cars, 0.2 points more than in March. Because of the state subsidy (environmental bonus), the discounts from the list price for fully electric cars (36.4 percent) and plug-in hybrids (27.3 percent) are above average.

A little less frequently than in March, dealers and manufacturers have registered cars for their own account in order to then market them as special offers. The rate of these own registrations fell by 0.8 points to 26 percent of all new registrations. According to market observers, the so-called car subscriptions, i.e. leasing contracts including maintenance and insurance, are still in vogue. Here the number of offers rose by 36 to 416 available models.

Study leader Ferdinand Dudenhöffer sees differences between the individual manufacturers: “Especially the importers, but also Ford and Opel try to stimulate their sales with higher customer concessions. VW and Audi continue to remain buttoned up when it comes to discounts.”

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