Slow sex, how passion is transformed after the age of 50. The word to Paolo Crepet

Sex after 50? Isn’t it that we talk about it a lot and do little? The conversation on the subject with the psychiatrist and writer Paolo Crepet raises doubt. In an age of powerful sexual messages, not even more subliminal, where it seems that “don’t do it” is a declaration of surrender to age, the sincerity of each of us on the subject is opaque. And Crepet in this chat explains to us that at a certain point even sex gets bored, at least that experienced as a simple outlet of erotic charge and manifest passions. While the sex that hides in the folds of a real relationship resists, of a sensual and slow affection, of a relationship that starts from the heart and can reach, but not even, its erotic extension. In conclusion, after the age of fifty, sex is part of the “affectivity” package rather than that of a nice gymnastics of the senses. And in long-term couples the sex continues in this key. Like a caress, a look, an intimate game. To find yourself in the exclusive space of the relationship.

After the age of fifty, to summarize, it is the time of “slow sex”, when you are looking for quality rather than performance, when you are accompanied by the inevitable emotional changes, but also physical. More time is spent on foreplay than “on the act”. When the desire that resists aging becomes sweeter and more inclusive. And sex becomes a tantric dance that returns moments of joy and is good for the body, but above all for the soul.

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