Slovenian group Laibach canceled previously scheduled concerts in Kyiv

On February 22, it became known that the Slovenian group Laibach would arrive in Kyiv with a concert, which was to be held on March 31 at the Bel Etage Music Hall. The famous industrial group planned to show a program called “Eurovision”.

In a report about their visit to Kyiv, the Slovenes wrote that Ukraine is the place where “the real and only vision of Europe” is possible. But on February 26, just a few days after the start of the advertising campaign, the organizers announced that the performance was cancelled. Ukrainians reminded the group of the cancellation of concerts in Russia in September last year. Then, due to logistical difficulties, the artists could not come to the Russian Federation, but promised to play “when the situation allows.”

Fans accused the musicians of not understanding the complexity and tragedy of this “situation”, recalling the old statements about their readiness to perform in the Crimea.

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