Slide several meters down a snowy slope, a 57-year-old and his dog rescued by mountain rescue

FALCADE. E’ tumbled up a steep snowy slope for several metres. His daughter sounded the alarm. A hiker was recovered by mountain rescue.

The alert was triggered around 3.45 pm today, Sunday 27 November, when the helicopter of the Suem of Pieve di Cadore took off in the direction of trail number 689 between Col Becher fork e Baita Govanni Paolo I.

A hiker was walking his dog but suddenly slipped to the ground, tumbling along the snowy grassy shovel. The alarm was raised by the man’s daughter, who was then contacted directly by the 118 Operations Centre, which was then able to trace the coordinates of the place where the injured person was.

Identified of the crew, the 57-year-old of Campodarsego (Padova) was reached by the helicopter rescue technician, lowered with a 60-metre winch. The wounded man was fine, albeit with some grazes.

To facilitate your recovery and that of your dog, the rescuer helped him climb a hundred meters to the point where the helicopter had landed. Once on board, the hiker was accompanied to the pitch and entrusted to the team Val Biois mountain rescueready to intervene in support of operations.

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