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Fitbit has launched a new feature, “Sleep Profile,” for the paid plan “Fitbit Premium.” It is a function to analyze a user’s sleep pattern over a long period of time, and the user can easily understand the tendency by using sleep data likened to an animal character.

Fitbit’s 1.87 million sleep records are analyzed by neurologists, sleep experts, and research scientists to provide appropriate guidance. Based on sleep science, the user’s sleep data is analyzed monthly for 10 major indicators to calculate trends. Compared to standard data for your age group, you can see where there is room for improvement.

The “indicators” displayed in the user profile are narrowed down to 1,000 types of sleep characteristics examined by the Fitbit research team during the analysis stage. Monthly user sleep patterns and qualities for previously tracked indicators such as sleep time, recovery, and REM sleep, from new indicators such as sleep schedule fluctuations, time to deep sleep, and sleep disturbances. I will express it comprehensively over.

Each indicator shows the ideal range and your position within that range. It can help you think about where to focus for improvement. These indicators are displayed in a monthly schedule.

The user’s sleep style is displayed as a “sleep animal” based on the data obtained from the sleep analysis. Based on research and testing, we have categorized 6 species of animals with distinct tendencies, each associated with general user sleep behaviors and patterns.

There are 6 types of sleep animals: giraffe, bear, dolphin, hedgehog, parrot, and turtle. For example, giraffes tend to go to bed late and get up early, but the schedule itself is constant, and turtles tend to fall asleep at different times every night, and often fall asleep earlier. There is.

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You’ll need to wear your Fitbit device while you sleep for at least 14 days of the month to get a sleep rating, and the more days you wear it, the higher your rating. In addition, there is no optimal solution for the displayed sleep animals, and by knowing the meaning of each animal, it is possible to better understand sleep patterns and improve their quality.

The sleep profile feature is available to Premium users of “Sense,” “Versa 3,” “Versa 2,” “Charge 5,” “Luxe,” and “Inspire 2.”

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