Skinny Janda after a heart attack: For the first time in society!

According to the website, he not only showed up in the company after a long time, but also stood behind the microphone. “I sang after a year, I think it’s after 11 months. Last summer we managed to do about 5 concerts to mark the 40th anniversary on the professional stage. Now is the first time I’ve climbed a small podium. I was nowhere at all. They called me to come to an event, but I said it, I didn’t enjoy going somewhere with those veils. “ confided Dalibor Janda, who set out on the 25th anniversary of the work of the famous fortune teller Helen Silvan. He is said to have been friends with the witch for many years.

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And as for the health condition of the legendary Hurricane, everything is already on the right track. “I cycle for twenty minutes a day for ten kilometers. I also try to eat healthy. Otherwise I’m fine. I lost six kilos, I’m happy about that. Otherwise, Professor Táborský, who now takes care of me, says that I am an exemplary patient, so I say that I am an exemplary patient, “ he added with a smile.

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