Skateboarder Sky Brown – She could have died in 2020, now the 13-year-old is the Olympic sensation

PublishedJuly 20, 2021, 4:45 am

Skateboarder Sky Brown will become the youngest British woman to ever take part in the Olympics in Tokyo. Should she win gold, she would be the youngest ever Olympic champion.

Sky Brown wins the 2021 X-Games.


  • At 13, Sky Brown is one of the best skateboarders in the world.

  • Brown is the youngest British woman to compete in the Olympics.

  • Should she win, she would be the youngest ever Olympic champion.

  • All of this would have been inconceivable a year ago.

A skull fracture, a broken wrist and a broken hand in May 2020. That was when he was just eleven years old, shortly before the Olympic Games. But does that stop a skateboarder like Sky Brown? Of course not. Now she’s 13 and back – and how. Brown becomes the youngest British woman ever to compete in the Summer Games at the Tokyo Olympics. And it will be a premiere: for the first time in the history of the games, skate boarding is Olympic.

But back to last year’s fall. «It was very bad. It was a bad time. I heard that if I had moved just a little differently, that would have been it – I could have died », says the Briton looking back. Her father, Stuart, agrees that she is really lucky to have survived that fall while training in California. She had fallen off the ramp and hit her head and hand and had to be taken to the hospital by the ambulance. Her helmet and arm saved her life, says Brown. “That won’t stop me. I’m aiming for gold in Tokyo 2021. Stay strong, stay positive, ”she wrote about her fall video on Youtube.

She should be right, because Brown will be at the start of the Tokyo Olympics on Friday. With her, Bombette Martin, 14 years old, is part of the British skateboard team. “Both girls have such incredible talent and are an inspiration to other skateboarders. They show people that anything is possible, no matter how old you are, ”says James Hope-Gill, CEO of the British Skateboard Association.

13-year-old Sky Brown is one of the biggest attractions in Tokyo.


Brown will compete in the Park discipline on August 4th. There the participants skate in pools (comparable to empty swimming pools), the judges assess the difficulty and the originality of the tricks. Should Brown win, she would be the youngest ever Olympic champion. It would be just one more step in the British woman’s steep career: at the age of ten, she had already become the youngest professional skateboarder in the world.

She first stood on the board when she was three years old. No wonder, her father is a skateboarder himself. He didn’t push her to do so, said Stuart Brown. On the contrary, he didn’t want her to skate. “You have a little girl, you want to wrap her in cotton. But this was the only toy she kept wanting to, “said Father Brown in” Women in the World. ”

Brown has a British father and a Japanese mother, but she mainly lives and skates in California. When it came to which country Brown should start for, she decided on Great Britain – for one reason: the relaxed attitude of the British Association. She told the BBC that the British Skating Association had told her, “no pressure, just go outside and have fun”. That’s why she chose Great Britain. Now she is becoming the British record athlete. And the winner? This recovered power girl can certainly be trusted.

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