“Skateboard-Crazy Chihuahua Gets Confused on Uphill Ride”

A dog who usually rides a skateboard that is as big as his body is confused on Instagram because he can’t skate well.

[Video]Skateboard doesn’t move forward… Chihuahua with “confused face”

A video of Chihuahua Koge-chan (2 years old) riding a skateboard brilliantly and looking up at the camera. She has high absorption and athletic ability, and it is said that she learned to skateboard in two days. Now I jump on it with glee.

One day, Koge-chan, who loves skateboarding, kicks off the ground several times and starts running, but she is confused.

That should be it, the place where I was going to ride a skateboard on this day was “uphill”. Since it stops immediately after starting to run, I turn around and check behind me, saying, “Isn’t someone pulling me?”

At the end, I gave up and gave up on my skateboard and stopped running. (From “ABEMA Morning”)

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