SJR pleased with decision on “Political Education – Shadow Elections”

For example, the motion for a resolution “Political Education – Shadow Elections” was approved in the state parliament on Thursday. The state government is asked to continue the concept of shadow elections, initiated by the South Tyrolean Youth Association and under its leadership in cooperation with the South Tyrolean Association of Municipalities, and to expand it to all elections (Europe, state, state, municipality). Furthermore, according to the resolution proposal, the youth organizations should be provided with the necessary financial means by the municipalities for the implementation of shadow elections and the necessary preparation processes. In addition, the results of the shadow elections should be valued and presented accordingly, according to the resolution.

“We are pleased and honored that the” shadow elections “were so well received and that they are now to be expanded,” says Tanja Rainer, SJR chairwoman, happily.

Not legally binding

“Shadow elections are elections in which people cast their votes, knowing that the resulting result is not legally binding,” explains Tanja Rainer. The SJR carried out the shadow elections parallel to the municipal council elections in cooperation with the municipalities and the youth services, youth clubs, local youth councils and youth councils on site in six municipalities in South Tyrol: Eppan, Lana, Kaltern, Truden, Klausen and St. Martin in Passeier allowed young people to Choice ”.

The young people were also prepared for this ballot by the SJR. In advance, young people were invited to an ideas workshop in each of the 6 communities. In this, ideas, wishes and concerns of the young people were collected and discussed in a subsequent exchange to which the candidates from all parties were invited. “In order to guarantee the sustainability of this project, the elected political representatives will be given the results of the shadow elections and the ideas workshop”, says Kevin Hofer, SJR Managing Director.

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The applicants for the decision Magdalena Amhof, Gert Lanz, Jasmin Ladurner, Franz Locher, Helmut Tauber and Manfred Vallazza said that projects like these could sensitize young people to politics and arouse political interest. “That is exactly our goal: To make community politics tangible for all young people and also to contribute to the thematization of youth-political issues on site”, says Rainer. The SJR looks forward to the implementation of the proposed resolution.


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