Sister Stone has a miscarriage and continues to hold a concert. She was told by a doctor that she could not have children 4 years ago.

On November 25, British pop singer JessieJ posted a selfie with her pregnancy test stick on her personal social account and said she had a miscarriage. In the accompanying text, she wrote: She has not told everyone that she is pregnant, and she was still worried about how she would not be seen in the next performance. But now that the child has left, I feel emotionally uncontrollable, and I am still accepting this fact. But for the audience, for myself and the children, I will still perform well in Los Angeles tonight.

The 33-year-old sister Ji Shi has developed smoothly in her career as a singer, but her physical condition is not very good. Three years ago, she told fans in her stage performance that she could not get pregnant, and said that the doctor had been in four years. I told her this sad thing before.

At that time, Sister Stone also wrote “Four Letter Word” to comfort herself and her infertile patients, which made many fans feel distressed.

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