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Obsessive-compulsive Sister Mary Melanie Costillas and her Carmel congregation in Cebu have spoken out what they thought was a malicious lie in the movie Maid of Malacañanginvolving them and the late President Corey C. Aquino.

The scene in the aforementioned movie demonstrates the Carmel sisters playing mahjong with Corey in the course of the breakout coup of Juan Ponce Enrile and Basic Fidel Ramos in Manila.

The real truth is, Cory and her youngest daughter Kris, Ramon Mitra (who grew to become Speaker of the Residence), her brother Peping Cojuangco (now deceased), and her finest close friends in Cebu, Tony and Nancy Cuenco, from supporters at the time In search of asylum in the sanctuary of President Ferdinand Marcos at Carmel Abbey. Corey feels secure with the nuns, and for the 1st time a monastery has permitted males to remain in just their holy walls! The abbot at the time was Sister Aimee Ataviado.

This is also the unsafe scenario in which the nuns are exposed. They were being also “targets” for harboring Corey, but they stood their floor and welcomed her and her get together to the convent.

“The try to distort history is reprehensible. It is destructive to portray the nun and Corey enjoying mahjong,” Mr Costillas reported. “It exhibits that we have the skill to perform video games at our leisure when the region is in danger. The fact is that we are praying, fasting and creating other types of sacrifice for the peace of the nation and the choice of the persons.”

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Following her presidency, Corey frequented the Pink Sisters (Carmel) Abbey in Tagaytay, and my partner and I had been lucky more than enough to be invited to go with her. It was a gorgeous take a look at, and she resolved the congregation, reiterating her gratitude for their devout assist.

It is really discouraging why some folks have to provide down someone’s reputation by making up lies to get their have way. I don’t forget the late columnist (disabled) of another newspaper boasting in his column that he normally performed mahjong with President Kohli in Malacañang for the duration of his presidency.

This is a lie because Corey has in no way performed mahjong at the palace. Her daughter Ballsy just introduced a statement wishing the fairy tale relaxation in peace, and unfortunately, this particular columnist under no circumstances gave up on his lies.

As much as Sister Carmel is worried, the lies about them and Corey are deliberately evil. As they also place out, most of the nuns are nevertheless alive. Filmmakers can at the very least talk to them if this kind of a scene has ever happened.

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Before this week, the demise of previous President Fidel V. Ramos marked the conclusion of an period. FVR assisted improve the class of Philippine history, breaking away from Marcos and afterwards refusing to join the coup versus President Cory by rebel RAM soldiers abetted by Juan Ponce Enrile.

Fidel V. Ramos stood behind his president, a major element in her later on choices about who to appoint as her successor — then Household Speaker Ramon Mitra, a loyal ally, A single of No Aquino’s near pals, or General Ramos?

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From the information of her numerous seasoned political allies, Corey chose the normal and ran for him as significantly as her timetable would make it possible for. She produced it clear to her close media that she would like us to do the similar for “Steady Eddie.”

“We want a president like Ramos following our term is more than,” she declared to her internal circle. Perfectly, FVR gained and built a excellent governing administration and came right after him as a politician.

FVR is a gentleman and a joyful close friend. He is rigorous about his function and phone calls on all people on his staff to function to his benchmarks. He will be missed. My loved ones has a distinctive bond with him and his ex mainly because he and Cory were the marriage sponsors of our daughter Sandee’s wedding day to Andrew Masigan.

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