Singing: Swan gone astray: Police become friends and helpers for confused animals on the main street

The police officers actually had something else in mind on Friday at around 6:24 a.m., they were busy with a traffic accident, as police spokesman Dieter Popp told S√úDKURIER. Then they noticed a female swan on Singen Hauptstrasse running onto the street: confused and aimless with a broken wing. According to Popp, the police first tried to drive the animal towards the sidewalk and fix it. Then the informed animal rescue came to the rescue.

Some can sympathize with that: it was too hot for Swan

Animal rescue caught the animal and brought it to the Aach, reports Popp. The club already knows the animal, because after a wing injury a few years ago, it keeps attracting attention. Animal rescue explained that the swan was dehydrated: “She was probably overheated because of the lack of water and therefore wanted to leave the Aach,” says Popp. But there is no need to worry: after drinking and bathing in the water, the swan will be completely normal again.

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The police also used the incident as an appeal: “Don’t forget to drink,” writes the Bureau on social networks in view of the recent very hot summer days.

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