Singer Lolita spoke about her acquaintance with Alexander Gradsky

Singer Lolita Milyavskaya shared her memories of the singer and composer Alexander Gradsky in an interview with RT.

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“I was lucky because at the age of 16 my parents introduced me to Alexander Borisovich. He was one of my schools. This is my happiness – ten concerts in a row to stand behind the scenes or in the orchestra pit and see his concerts. He is one of those I grew up with, ”she said.

The artist also remembered her last conversation with the master.

“He apparently already felt bad, but did not talk about it. After all, I’m not that close friend to discuss this with me. But suddenly a call. And I was at the “Voice”, and I had to sing one of my songs with two contestants. He called me and said: “You are there, please, look … If you see that something is wrong, tell me.” Honestly, I was amazed. Amazed because the person cared. It seems to be like a television project, and it should not be all the same, but there are still things to do, there is a personal life, a touring life, a theater, he has something to do. His death is an event for me. Events, unfortunately, do not always have a plus sign. Sometimes they come with such a fatal connotation, ”concluded the singer.

Russian singer and composer Alexander Gradsky died at the age of 73.

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