Singer Lizzo plays a 200 year old crystal flute in concert

Lizzo was in concert in Washington DC on Tuesday. She was lucky enough to be able to play a crystal flute made in 1813, reports the “HuffPost”.


Lizzo isn't just a singer.  She is also a lyricist, rapper and... flute player.
Lizzo isn’t just a singer. She is also a lyricist, a rapper and… a flute player.

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DOrdinary, Lizzo is not easily impressed. The 34-year-old American singer, who became known to the general public in 2019 with her hit Good as hell, is a complete artist, full of confidence, and who advocates body-positivism. But in front of a crystal transverse flute, the young woman radically changes her attitude. On Tuesday, September 27, while performing a concert in Washington DC, she had the opportunity to play a 200-year-old crystal flute, reports the HuffPost. The instrument, which was made in 1813, belonged to James Madison, the fourth president of the United States.

Carla Hayden, the director of the Library of Congress, had challenged Lizzo on Twitter a few days before the concert. She had then offered to play this historic flute on stage. Tuesday evening, it is also herself who went up on the stage to give the instrument in person to Lizzo. The latter had a hard time hiding her excitement.

It is with all the precautions in the world that she seized the precious. “It’s crystal, it’s like playing with a glass of wine, ok?” So be patient! “, she then exclaimed, addressing her fans. Then she blew a few notes to the cheers of the audience, then gently put the instrument back in place. Instrument which was escorted by… the Capitol police! Just that.

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Lizzo is a singer, rapper and flutist. She never travels without her own flute, which she nicknamed “Sasha” in homage to Beyoncé. Difficult for her, therefore, to refuse the gift of Carla Hayden.

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