Singer Alejandra Guzmán suffers a fall that forces her to cancel a concert in the US

Sequence of the fall of the singer Alejandra Guzmán during a concert in Washington (USA), on September 27, 2022.Octavio Guzman (EFE)

Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán suffered a fall last Tuesday night during her last concert at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington. The event forced the artist to cancel her concert and she had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. Guzmán performed her second song of her night, Bad weedone of the essential themes of his career.

The agency of representation of the artist, All Parts Move, has shared a message through social networks in which they ensured that Guzmán is well and that she is motivated for her next performance. “[La cantante] really looking forward to showing off his ‘moves’ at the Venetian in Las Vegas in November,” the tweet alleges.

In the video shared through social networks, it can be seen how Guzmán tries to avoid the fall without success. After falling, several people went up on stage to help her and, minutes later, the concert ended. The public could only fully listen to the theme of look at it, look at itpublished in 1996.

The Mexican singer assured before the concert that, after so many years of career, she is “dreaming again” and that she has decided to return to singing classes to “give the best” of herself to her followers.

Guzmán, 54, is the winner of a Latin Grammy Award for Soythe best rock album in 2002. Last February, the actress also released her latest single, Sex Shame and Tearsa song that is part of the original soundtrack of the second part of the film that bears the same name.

The singer, known as the queen of mexican rock, has sold more than 30 million albums since the beginning of her career, which makes her one of the best-selling Mexican singers in Mexico. Guzmán released her first album, bye mom, in 1998, 24 years ago. Currently, the artist accumulates more than four million listeners monthly on Spotify, the leading music player.

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Alejandra Guzmán is the daughter of the singer Enrique Guzmán, one of the most popular rock and roll singers in Mexico in the 1960s, and Silvia Pinal, the renowned Mexican actress from the Golden Cinema era who gained international recognition after participating in movies like viridian (1961), the exterminating angel (1962) y simon of the desert (1965), a trilogy directed by Luis Buñuel.

At the time of the fall, Guzmán was participating in one of the concerts that are part of the Hispanic Heritage month in the United States, which is celebrated from September 15 to October 15. Other musicians such as Daddy Yankee or the rock band Los Lobos have been awarded at the festival.

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