Simmered in Sino Farm Exposed to the worst, pretending to be a doctor Lots of victims – deceiving hundreds of thousands.

Simmered in Sino Farm Exposed to the worst, pretending to be a doctor Lots of victims – deceiving hundreds of thousands. The behavior of opening a line to deceive villagers tricked into transferring money before escaping

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On June 30, 1964 at the Mueang Udon Thani Police Station, Ms. Perm, the residents of Mueang Udon Thani File a lawsuit against Pol Lt. Col. Narasak Nonthabutr, Deputy Senator (Investigation) of Muang Udon Thani Police Station. After being tricked by Mr. Weerasak Suksamdaeng to buy a vaccine against COVID-19 Sino Farm brand cited from the Chulabhorn Royal College If you want to vaccinate such vaccinations, pay the vaccination fee of 1,800 baht per person, so they are convinced to book the vaccine for 20 people. Total damage is about 36,000 baht.

Ms. Perm revealed that she had received news from a friend in Bangkok that There is a COVID-19 vaccine Sino Farm brand Left from the quota of the Federation of Thai Industries, 6 people, therefore agreed to reserve Due to the risk of work by booking 1 person for yourself and transferring 1,800 baht to a friend which friends have gathered to transfer money to people who pretend to know the doctor Then invite a group of people who have booked into the group line that vaccines. “Sino Farm Vaccine” in which there will be someone claiming to be a doctor to take care of the Line group. by creating stories That makes it reliable, for example, there is a link to the website of the Royal College of Chulabhorn. and then see the information on the job page how the injection procedure cause trust

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This line group has shown the job page that in the system that he takes care of. both the IT system Job pages related to government hospitals and private hospitals at that time there was a problem The vaccine that we booked at that time will be postponed from the group that will be injected in Bangkok. May have to inject on June 26, 64 by the person who claims to be a doctor saying that the IT system has a problem in front of the job. The vaccine will be postponed to June 28, 64 in the afternoon.

Ms. Perm added that she then began to wonder why the injection was postponed several times. Is the person giving the information really a doctor? So he inquired by calling the secretary in front of this doctor’s room. Which received an answer that the doctor has no policy to vaccinate Sino Farm. Only vaccinated against Astrazeneca. and ask the injured person to report

From further inquiries on June 28, the past People who must be vaccinated at 13.00 go to check-in at the meeting point. It appears that the list does not exist. The staff said that there was a problem with the system at the front desk, contact the person who claimed to be a doctor. And then friends keep in touch. but no one knows and the previously opened link cannot be viewed. convinced that he was deceived Initially, there are many people who believe that they have paid more than 2 hundred thousand baht, so they come to report and warn them not to trust people who pretend like this again.

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