Significant damage observed after tornado in Ontario

A tornado hit the town of Chatsworth in southern Ontario late afternoon Saturday causing extensive property damage to several buildings according to Environment Canada.

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The federal agency confirmed Sunday morning that a tornado had passed through the Chatsworth and Walters Falls area, a few miles away, at around 4:45 p.m. Saturday.

The meteorological event has “[abattu] many trees and [causé] extensive damage to several buildings, including a barn and a new house under construction. Damage to another property included a vehicle that was moved and crushed under a tree and damage to the roof, ”Environment Canada said in its report.

In a few minutes, the Zehr family thus lost a large part of their house to the passage of the tornado, with pieces of the roof torn off, trees felled on the residence or even the garage which has completely disappeared, reported the Owen Sound Sun Times.

“We just stayed in the basement, the kids, me and our dog, and it was all over in maybe five to ten minutes. […] When I looked outside, there was not much, testified the mother, Roxie Zehr, daily.

According to the mayor of Chatsworth, Scott Mackey, no injuries were reported in the event, said the Owen Sound Sun Times.

“It’s amazing what it can do. It was all there and then it was all gone, ”Ms. Zehr said.

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Investigators from Western University’s Northern Tornadoes Project visited the scene on Sunday to assess the damage in the area.

The hot and humid weather in southern Ontario resulted in heavy precipitation and severe thunderstorms over the weekend, with over 100 mm in places and up to 141.2 mm recorded in Dresden, halfway between London and Detroit.

This situation is reminiscent of the one that affected Quebec last Monday, when four tornadoes formed over the province in the afternoon, the most important having caused the death of a man and important damage in Mascouche, in Lanaudière.


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