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In the past few days, a 35-year-old woman in Hubei jumped off a building after a dispute with the owner of the community walking a dog without a leash, which has caused concern. The “dog bite” incident in Anyang, Henan has also been officially dealt with. Two social hot events have brought the topic of “civilized dog raising” into the public eye, and how to manage uncivilized dog raising has become a hot topic of discussion.

Civilized dog raising reflects the quality of citizens and is related to the image of the city. According to the Qingdao Municipal Administrative Punishment and Administrative Compulsory Information Disclosure Platform, Qingdao has issued multiple fines for uncivilized dog-raising behavior this year. At the same time, it has also carried out many times of “civilized dog raising” into the community activities to publicize the importance and standard practice of civilized dog raising.

At present, most of the propaganda activities of civilized dog breeding remain in the flexible category of “Knowledge of Popular Science of Dog Raising” and “Civilized City Construction”. The uncivilized dog-raising people have forgotten notions of morality, quality, etc., and they cannot be influenced by advocacy. In future propaganda, it is necessary to make it clear that “civilized dog raising” is a legal requirement, popularize laws and regulations, and clarify the consequences of violations, so that “rigid” propaganda content can have a deterrent effect on uncivilized dog raising behavior.

The “Animal Epidemic Prevention Law of the People’s Republic of China” implemented on May 1 this year stipulates that those who bring dogs out of the house shall wear dog tags and take dog leashes in accordance with the regulations. In addition, more than 100 cities across the country have specific legislation on dog keeping. However, compared with the consequences of uncivilized dog raising, the current governance of uncivilized dog raising is somewhat weak.

The punishment for uncivilized dog-raising behavior in most cities in China only stays at the level of warning. It is very necessary to increase the price and cost of uncivilized behavior. According to the “Qingdao City Dog Management Regulations”, if a dog goes out without a dog tag or a dog leash, the urban management law enforcement department shall order correction; if it refuses to make corrections, the dog may be detained and be sentenced to more than two hundred yuan. Fines below 1,000 yuan. Qingdao has implemented the regulations relatively well. For the several punishment information that has been publicized, the uncivilized dog owners have been fined 200 yuan per person. Although fines are not high, this rigid method can make uncivilized dog owners feel the consequences of illegality.

Dog breeding management involves multiple departments such as public security, urban management, health, etc., so it is necessary to continuously refine the supervisor’s responsibilities. It is also necessary to clarify how to solve the problem of uncivilized dog raising? Is it to call the police, contact the city management, or contact the community or property to solve it. Uncivilized dog-raising behaviors are fluid, temporary, and scattered, and it is impossible to ensure that every uncivilized behavior has law enforcement officers present. To give full play to the role of communities, property owners, and owners, it is necessary to govern by multiple parties.

At the same time, it is necessary to amplify the “exposure” effect of uncivilized dog-raising behaviors, use community bulletin boards, owner groups and other means to make uncivilized dog-raising people “social death”, and fully mobilize the whole society to establish a civilized dog-raising “world net” , Strictly control and severely punish uncivilized dog owners, and use ruthless and rigid methods to force uncivilized dog owners to abide by the law.

Not every dog ​​owner’s civilized literacy is high enough. Both governance methods and law enforcement must be “rigid”. Civilization is managed and it is difficult to achieve by verbal advocacy alone. There are many ways to control uncivilized dog raising. If it is really effective, it must be true. Only by continuously strengthening external pressure can the concept of “civilized dog raising” be popularized.

Xinwang commentator Zhao Xiaoshan

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