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Updated 08/05/2020 at 4:21 PM

HE OPENED HIS EYES. Fiorella Alzamora indicated that her friendship with Zorro Zupe came to an end after three months of being inseparable on social networks. The model even hosted him at her home in Sweden after the public figure was fired from Latina for her statements and insults to Mirella Huamán, mother of a four-year-old girl who was murdered.

Fiorella Alzamora spoke with the journalist Samuel Suarez to denounce the Zorro Zupe for “a delicate subject”. Finally, the conversation never happened, but the model and the questioned character stopped following each other on social networks.

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The model has also been posting messages related to betrayal on her Twitter account and blames herself for trusting people too quickly. “I learn from my mistakes #noconfiar”, He wrote in the aforementioned social network.

In this regard, Zorro Zupe, used to commenting on issues related to local entertainment, on this occasion he maintains his silence on the subject, this attitude generates more speculation because, as the well-known saying goes “he who is silent, grants.”

You have to remind Fiorella Alzamora that this is not the first time that Zorro Zupe has a behavior that leaves much to be desired. In March of this year, the character showed his worst face when insulting Camilita’s mother:

“Who told you that it’s not your fault, hey inhuman, are you realizing what you’re saying? Wake up, your daughter would be alive right now, inhuman. Your worst punishment is going to be that because of you they murdered and violated your daughter, beast “Zúñiga said irresponsibly.

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