Shows: Natalia Salas is pregnant and will become a mother for the first time


Updated on 07/30/2020 at 09:26

BLESSED AND GRATEFUL. Natalia Salas announced on social networks that she is in the sweet wait. The actress said that she will become a mother for the first time and that she is pregnant with a girl.

In the recording She is nauseated but is encouraged to sing the Quinceañera song, although she changes the lyrics to announce her happy pregnancy. Her partner also appears in the video, with whom she has had a long relationship.

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“I know, why I feel so different today, because I feel the smells so strong, that it will be … I know, because my body changes and I no longer have the same measurements, what will it be, what will it be … Now, the woman who slept in me wakes up, and little by little the girl is left behind, the adventure of being a mom begins. I’m going to be a mom ”, Natalia Salas is heard saying between tears and totally excited.

“The adventure begins. I’ve always told you that dreams come true … I’m going to be MOM! We are excited and excited waiting for our Baby Cat. I hope you like the video I made to tell you the news ”, wrote as a description for the clip.


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