Shows: Erick Sabater after being asked how he is staying in Miami:


Updated 9/14/2020 at 11:49 PM

Erick sabater, who is now living in Miami, was asked by reporters from Magaly Medina how he has managed to support himself financially in such an expensive city by maintaining a life in parties and yachts.

However, the ex-partner of Michelle Soifer He mentioned that he should not respond because he is no longer part of Chollywood.

“Brother, I no longer belong to that world of show business in Peru”, answered Erick sabater to the ‘urracos’.

For Erick sabater There is no social distancing, much less quarantine now that he is going from party to party in Miami, according to some publications he has posted on his Instagram account. The former reality boy leads a luxurious life in the city of the North American country.

In some videos of the former participant of This is war It is appreciated that he lives with various luxuries: yachts, motorcycles and latest model cars, which he exposes in his stories on the social network. However, Erick Sabater does not comply with the rules of social distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Erick sabater He has been in Miami since long before the quarantine began, however, the magistrate of the 22nd Criminal Court of Lima decided to investigate him for, supposedly, describe her ex-partner, Michelle Soifer, as unfaithful and aggressive last January.

“I am not aware of anything. I am traveling (in Colombia). But that request never proceeded and now they magically approved it, it’s very rare ”, said the Dominican model last May.

Erick Sabater responded to the ‘urracos’. (Magaly Tv. The firm)


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