Shot from a machine gun at a dog. The wife of the detained ex-special forces spoke about the visit of the security forces

Yan Popkovich, one of the Belgazprombank collectors detained in September, was interrogated not at all for “insulting Lukashenka,” as previously assumed, but allegedly because he was a “fascist” and was going to go to Ukraine, his wife said.

Jan and Anastasia Popkovichi. Photo: Popkovichi’s personal archive / Mediazone

Anastasia Popkovichwife of a detained former commando Jan Popkovich, told Mediazone about the harsh detention of their family. Popkovich is one of a dozen Belgazprombank collectors detained in early September.

According to Anastasia, her husband quit his job on August 31, and already on the night of September 3, they were going to leave for Poland, where Yana’s brother lives. But on the morning of September 2, security forces broke into the apartment where Yan and Anastasia lived. The front door was opened with a key, and the door in the rooms was already kicked out. Two security officers in full gear and with machine guns burst into the room where Anastasia and Yan were sleeping, as well as their dog.

The dog began to bark at strangers and one of the security forces shot at her with a machine gun, says Anastasia Popkovich. Her husband grabbed the dog, lay down on it and asked her not to shoot. One of the bullets hit the dog in the muzzle, but the wound was not severe, later the animal was stitched. After the shooting, the security forces searched for spent cartridges.

Jan Popkovich realized that they had come for him. Taking the bloody dog ​​to the balcony, he lay down on the floor and folded his hands behind his head. The security forces began to shout, demand phones and passwords to them. Then the couple was allowed to get dressed, Popkovich was taken to another room and beaten for a long time. His wife was also interrogated, threatening to take the children to an orphanage and imprison her for 10 years. Anastasia Popkovich says that the security forces told her that her husband was a “fascist” and that she should also be a “fascist”. It was difficult for the woman to explain to the security forces that the tattoo on her neck was not a swastika.

Then the detainees were taken to a unit of internal troops on Mayakovsky Street. Anastasia was first left on the street, then taken to an office where her husband was lying on the floor in handcuffs. The investigator asked the woman why she and her husband were going to go to Ukraine – allegedly he was going to become a “mercenary” there, and she was going to become a nurse, that her husband was “repulsed, a fascist, against the state, he has the wrong thoughts, for this he will sit for a very long time.” The arguments about the rented house in Poland and the signed lease did not convince the investigator.

After this interrogation, the security forces drove to the parents’ apartment, where Popkovich was registered. There was an older brother Jan Ales, who was also going to leave for Poland. He was beaten and detained. Then Anastasia was released, having been advised not to go anywhere. Four days later, she was informed that her husband had been transferred to the KGB pre-trial detention center “for intent to commit a crime,” but they did not say which one.

Whether Yan Popkovich has anything to do with the case of collectors of Belgazprombank is unknown. He was detained on September 2, and other collectors – on September 6.

“Broken shoulder or arm.” A dozen cash collectors were detained in Belgazprombank, allegedly for insulting Lukashenka

Ales Novoborsky

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