Short news: The second ranking for admission to high schools after 7th grade – Bulgaria has been released

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“Short news” is a column of “Dnevnik”, in which the editorial office collects the news about which no article will be written, but it is important to note.

A lieutenant who took part in the exercise in Cheshnegirovo has died

“On July 19, 2021, in the area of ​​the Novo Selo firing range, senior lieutenant Todor Manchev was found lifeless with a gunshot wound in a dormitory. A military prosecutor on duty at the Military District Prosecutor’s Office – Sliven was notified, and urgent actions were taken in the investigation by a military investigator, and pre-trial proceedings were instituted, which were conducted under the direction and supervision of a military prosecutor.

The ministry clarified that after an official inspection of the military police in Plovdiv, two officers, including senior lieutenant Todor Manchev, were sanctioned with a remark by the director of the regional service because of the case in Cheshnegirovo. At the end of May, during an exercise, soldiers made a mistake in a workshop of a private enterprise in Cheshnegirovo, Plovdiv region. A follow-up inspection of the incident was carried out by the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Defense. The Minister of Defense Georgi Panayotov did not sanction Senior Lieutenant Todor Manchev from the Military Police Service because of the case in Cheshnegirovo, as he considered that there were no violations committed by him.

By orders of the Minister of Defense of July 15, Colonel Ventsislav Radkov, Director of the Plovdiv Military Police, and Major Georgi Merdjanov, Head of the Control and Security Department, were released from military service.

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The inspection of the Military Police Service for identification of other servicemen and officials related to the incident in Cheshnegirovo continues, as well as the investigation into the case of the Military District Prosecutor’s Office – Plovdiv.

Hristo Mutafchiev joined the protests of the medics from “Pirogov”

And today medics from “Pirogov” came out to protest in front of the hospital to defend the fired director Prof. Asen Baltov and to demand the resignations of the Minister of Health and the manager of the Health Insurance Fund, BNR reports.
The doctors from “Pirogov” will continue to protest, but from tomorrow they will not be in front of the hospital, so as not to disturb the work rhythm. They also renounced the blockade of Tsar Boris III Blvd. The location of the new protest is still being specified, said the head of the First Clinic of Orthopedic Traumatology, Prof. Diyan Enchev:

“The protests will be replaced by Pirogov, we have seen that no one hears us that the people on whom a decision depends are not doing anything. There are no actions for anything. That is why we will continue to protest.”

The actor Hristo Mutafchiev came to the protest to support the doctors and Prof. Asen Baltov: “Prof. Baltov, we will look for people like him with a candle – people who have built on their professionalism. We lightly cross them out and we are destroying, “he said.

The second ranking for high schools after seventh grade came out

The second ranking for admission to high schools after seventh grade has been published. Seventh graders can check where they are accepted by entering an incoming number and access code on the Internet address:

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57,538 students took part in the national external assessment in Bulgarian language and literature, and 57,328 in mathematics. The average grade in Bulgarian language and literature is 53.86 points out of a maximum of 100. The trend towards a gradual increase in the average number of points in mathematics continues, but despite that it remains low – 37.94 points.

Which are the most preferred schools by high school candidates in Sofia – here.

The President congratulated the Muslims on Eid al-Adha

President Rumen Radev congratulates the Bulgarian Muslim community on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, which is taking place today. The head of state wished the Muslims in Bulgaria health and days filled with sincere understanding, satisfaction and success.

“Our people have shown the amazing strength of their spirit when they put the understanding between Bulgarians and love for Bulgaria over crises and differences, the President emphasizes. The proven wisdom and moral strength of the Bulgarian people will continue to be energy for national unity, dignity and prosperity.” , noted in his greeting to the Bulgarian Muslims the head of state Rumen Radev.

An epidemic of COVID-19 has been detected on a ship at the port of Bourgas

The Ministry of Health announced an epidemic of COVID-19 explosion on a ship at the port of Bourgas. The case concerns a cargo ship with a crew of 20 Filipinos.

The first patient had complaints from July 7 – fatigue, cough, fever. On July 14, he was transported to the University Hospital “Burgas” for examination and examination, and he underwent a rapid antigen test for COVID-19, which was positive. He was hospitalized in the infectious ward of the medical institution. On July 18, the hospitalized man was taken to the anesthesiology and intensive care unit of the Burgas University Hospital, and died the next day.

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On July 15, samples were taken from the other 19 crew members of the ship with PCR tests. 11 of them have a positive result. They were issued instructions for isolating the ship for a period of 14 days. Their general condition is monitored daily. Three of the positive cases are fever and cough. The contact persons from the crew have no complaints. On July 19, another member of the crew who tested positive for COVID-19 had difficulty breathing and deteriorating general condition. After an examination by an emergency team in Burgas, he was hospitalized at the Burgas University Hospital.

In the issued prescription for placing the crew under quarantine, RHI – Burgas, has ordered the disinfection of all premises. The ship arrives at the port of Bourgas on July 14 and is due to depart on July 23. The last port before mooring in Bourgas is the UAE, on June 27. On July 7-8, the ship crossed the Suez Canal, which required a pilot to board the ship. He is not allowed to the shore.

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