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100 people with a Yomiuri ID will receive a free workbook for Shogakukan’s correspondence course “Detective Conan Seminar” for three months. The target audience is elementary school students. When applying, please fill in the grade as of April 2023 for those who will be taking the questionnaire.

In the monthly workbook, characters from Detective Conan guide you through learning in a fun way. In addition to the basics of mathematics and Japanese language, there are many writing, reading comprehension, figure, and writing problems that you want to learn carefully. In addition, the original curriculum such as “complex subject problems” and “thinking expert tools” will help you develop your thinking skills.

The daily learning time is about 10 minutes per grade, and it is attractive that you can continue without difficulty according to your life rhythm. Please check the official website for details. The official site is here. The April 2023 issue of the “Spring Enrollment Campaign” is now underway (until March 27th (Mon)).

The application deadline isFebruary 5 (Sun)am.

[“Detective Conan seminar” precautions]

* Winners will receive a campaign code for “no membership fee” for one person for the April to June issue (for 3 months) (by mail).

* Winners will need to apply (credit card registration required) from the “Detective Conan Seminar” official website enrollment form. Please enter the campaign code at that time.

* Free enrollment period is 3 months from April 2023 to June 2023.Please note that if you do not apply to withdraw from the June issue by the date of withdrawal (June 5, 2023), it will be automatically renewed, and you will be charged the membership fee from the July issue along with the delivery of the teaching materials. .Please check the official website for details such as membership fees. The official site is here.

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* It cannot be used by anyone other than the winner (excluding family members). Transfer to anyone other than the winner is prohibited.

【Product name】

Shogakukan Correspondence Education Detective Conan Seminar (Teaching Material Delivery) April-June 3 Months Free Campaign Code

【Product Details】

Detective Conan Seminar Limited Liability Partnership

Management: Shogakukan Shueisha Productions (Showa Building, 2-30 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

[If you register as a “family member”, each family member will be able to apply]

Up to three family members living together can now use the Yomiuri Shimbun Online as a family member.Inviting new family membersherefrom.

Description of family membershere

*If you haven’t applied yet, but the red button below says “Applied”, here’s how to deal with it.

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