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Introduction The Student Financial Aid Management Center of Shizuishan Education and Sports Bureau will submit the electronic application information of the students to be awarded to the Yanbao Foundation for review in the “Yanbao Scholarship Application System” before August 30.

Notes for Shizuishan 2022 Yanbao Scholarship Application

The majority of high school graduates:

In order to support and encourage the majority of young students in Ningxia to establish lofty aspirations, complete their studies, better build their hometown and serve the motherland, the Ningxia Baofeng Group Yanbao Charity Foundation has decided to provide more than 600 full-time colleges and universities with household registration within the scope of Ningxia. Undergraduate freshmen will be paid 4,000 yuan per person per year, and will be rewarded for 4-5 consecutive years according to the academic system until they complete the full-coverage subsidy plan for their undergraduate studies (Note: Publicly-funded normal students, military college students, free medical students and others who enjoy the national tuition-free policy Students are not included in the scope of awards). The number of awards will be subject to the final approval of the Yanbao Foundation.

application process

01、application materials. Students who meet the award conditions need to prepare their one-inch ID photo, the front and back of the ID card, the first page of the household registration book and the personal page, the university admission notice, and the 2022 “Yanbao Scholarship” family basic situation statement (the template can be found in the Yanbao Fund. Scanned copies of color originals such as official website and WeChat official account.

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02、submit application. After all the application materials are ready, log on to the official website of Ningxia Yanbao Charity Foundation ( from August 1st to August 25th to apply for the “Yanbao Scholarship”. After the application is successful, print the application form, and after the applicant’s signature is confirmed, click resubmit in the student declaration record, check the “Scholarship Application Form” option, and upload the “Ningxia Yanbao Charity Foundation Student Funding Application Form” signed by the student. “Scanned copy of the original, and submit it again after uploading successfully.

03、Grant scholarships. The Yanbao Foundation will contact the colleges where the awarded students are located, and according to the feedback from the colleges and the students themselves, apply for Yanbao bank cards for the students who have passed the final review and mail them to the individual, and directly enter the scholarship into the student’s own bank card.


01、Really read the online application instructions, and standardize the required information such as the admission institution, the professional name of the department, home address, personal name, admission ticket number, ID number, mobile phone number, QQ number, WeChat ID, etc., to ensure that the application information is accurate.

02、Pay attention to the review status in a timely manner. After the application is submitted, please pay attention to the review status in the system. If there is “rejection”, please revise and resubmit according to the reason for rejection.

Review process

The Student Financial Aid Management Center of Shizuishan Education and Sports Bureau will submit the electronic application information of the students to be awarded in the “Yanbao Scholarship Application System” to the Yanbao Foundation for review before August 30, and at the same time cover the summary form of the application information of the awarded students. After the chapter, it will be sent to Yanbao Foundation for review and archive.

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Finally, please be rewarded young students in our city to be proactive, climb the peak of knowledge, plant the seeds of love in their hearts, repay the society, and pass on the positive energy of society with kindness and kindness.

support hotline:

From August 1st to August 5th, 9:00-12:00 am, 14:30-17:30 pm (except holidays), please call 0952-3811422

From August 8th to August 30th, please call 0952-2688654 2688708

Shizuishan Student Financial Aid Management Center

Reminder: Search the official account[Yinchuan Local Treasure]on WeChat, follow and reply to the[Yanbao Scholarship]in the dialog box to obtain application conditions + scope + process, application system, family information table, funding standards, and distribution time.


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