Shingo Katori & Yuki Kishii’s daily life of the “married couple” “Dog doesn’t eat but Charlie laughs” Scene photo |

New scene photos from the movie “Dog mo kuwanedo Charlie laughs” starring Shingo Katori and Yukino Kishii playing the heroine have been released.

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In this scene photo, you can see the daily life of Yujiro and Hiyori, a married couple played by Mr. Katori and Mr. Kishii.

Yujiro looks into his colleague Minoyama’s smartphone and sees the “Husband’s Death Note” as if it were someone else’s problem, not even thinking that his wife was writing bad things about him. Hiyori looks coldly at Yujiro as he eats. In the photo with the manager Urashima (Koji Matoba), the boss of X3, there is a bandage on Yujiro’s face.

On the other hand, Yujiro and Hiyori, who were good friends when they first met, are talking harmoniously. In addition, Yujiro who works on muscle training at home, Hiyori who looks at the PC with a dissatisfied face, Wakatsuki (Kai Inowaki) who is grabbed by the neck, etc. A scene that raises expectations for the ending of the story woven by the characters has been released.

“Don’t Eat Dogs, Charlie Laughs” will be released on September 23rd (Friday) at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya and other locations nationwide.

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