Shichida Correspondence Education Preschool Course Love Your Kids Shichida Correspondence Education Preschool Course Love Your Kids [MERC-sq8m59ey]

Limited price until 12/15! ¥50,000→¥48,000

[With action guide by age]
Shichida Correspondence Education Preschool Course Purchased in 2020
Some of the Love Your Kids materials

Dots cards are sold separately. →Sold out.

・Kanae-chan card A flash card (word list, blank card, flash master included)
・Chick Hide and Seek
・Take the bear’s string
・Hiragana katakata cards
・Nanata-style infant basic concept series “① color”
・Nanata style infant basic concept series “② type”
・Basic Concept Series for Shichida-style Infants “③ Big and Small”
・Basic Concept Series for Shichida Toddlers “④ Numbers”
・Set of 12 with Peach Kids CD
・Fruit Puzzle
・ Moji Karuta
・Shichida-style recitation series haiku
・Set of 48 4-page picture books
・Dobutsuawase (Puzzle)
・Line drawing guide
・ 12 age guides (from 1 year and 2 months to 1 year)
・3 children’s gymnastics sheets
・Suji chart
・How to proceed
・Usage guidebook
・ Raising children is a dream 8 books
・Two files

It was very useful as a teaching material for home education that can be easily done.
It is very effective for my children, and I am often praised for their manual dexterity, vocabulary, memory, application, comprehension, exercise, and life.

The activity guide is for 1 year and 2 months to 1 year, but most of the teaching materials are for higher ages and can be used for a long time (5 years old, 7 years old, etc.).

Not sold separately.

【Please be careful! ]
Some teaching materials such as memory chip and right brain are not included because my child likes them and is still using them.
There are some parts where you can see twists, wrinkles, and dirt on the cards and boxes.
I put some in the image, but I can’t put all of them.
There is no major damage to any of the items, and items that can be used as teaching materials are exhibited.
DVDs and CDs have threads due to use on the surface.
Playback has been confirmed, but playback is not guaranteed in all environments.
Only those who can understand second-hand goods should trade.
Since it is a high-priced item, please refrain from dealing with those who have a bad evaluation from the viewpoint of trouble prevention.
We cannot accept returns or exchanges.

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Shipping will be on weekends.

Please be sure to check the profile before purchasing.

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commodity condition there are some scratches and dirt.

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