Shibaura Institute of Technology aims to train female science and engineering engineers by providing scholarships equivalent to admission fees to more than 100 female enrollees from 2022 | Shibaura Institute of Technology

Shibaura Institute of Technology (Minato-ku, Tokyo / President Jun Yamada) is admitting to more than 100 female enrollees with excellent grades from 2022 undergraduate enrollments in order to “cultivate female engineers in science and engineering who will lead the future”. Equivalent (280,000 yen) will be provided as a scholarship.
The ratio of female students in engineering departments in Japan is 15.6% (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology School Basic Survey Reiwa 2nd year), which is low compared to the rest of the world. Based on the idea that “innovation is born in diversity in both education and research,” we are working toward the goal of raising the current ratio of female undergraduate students from 18.7% to more than 30% by the 100th anniversary of the establishment in 2027. I’m out.

■ Point ■
・ From the 2022 entrance examination, more than 100 female students will receive an entrance fee equivalent (280,000 yen).
・ Goal to raise the ratio of undergraduate female students to 30% or more by 2027 (100th anniversary)

■ Selection of eligible undergraduate students ■
Recommended entrance examination: Enrollment by “open recruitment system recommended enrollment selection (girl)” (about 30 people)
General entrance examination: Enrollees with excellent grades (about 100 people)
* Notify the person that he / she is eligible for scholarship when the result is announced.
* Three-year benefits from 2022 enrollees to 2024 enrollees

■ Admission measures for female student admission promotion support ■
In order to support the admission of female students at Shibaura Institute of Technology, as the first measure, we have established a “public recruitment system recommended enrollment selection (girl)” frame for the four departments of mechanical and electrical engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, which has fewer female students than the 2018 entrance examination. I did. Subsequently, the 2022 entrance examination will be expanded to all nine departments of the Faculty of Engineering, and this scholarship benefit will be the third measure.

▼ Contact for inquiries regarding this matter
Planning and Public Relations Section, Corporate Planning Department, Shibaura Institute of Technology Person in charge: Shibata
3-9-14 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8548
TEL: 03-6722-2900
Email : [email protected]

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