Sheyla Rojas: Former lawyer affirms that he does not want to pay her and filters audios: “I’m adjusted”, Magaly Medina, video

Sheyla Rojas always shows in her social networks who leads a life of luxury. However, his former attorney Luis Miguel Galarza He told Amor y Fuego that despite this he owes him money and to prove it, he even presented audios where the former ‘Leona loca’ tells him that “she is adjusted”.

The lawyer assured that the model persuaded him to divide his debt and in the end so far he has not been able to cancel everything.

“She had commented that yes I was going to pay, but in the end there was never the payment”He added.

The former lawyer of the ‘blonde’ shared some audios where Sheyla Rojas is heard telling her that she does not have money.

“Doctor, do you think that I can perhaps pay you in parts? Or go as amortizing because right now I am also super adjusted“, listening. In that sense, he indicated that for this reason the lawsuit against the ‘Urraca’ was not continued since the lawyers no longer wanted to defend her, since they were not paid.

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Magaly Medina trolls Sheyla Rojas: “Travel, luxuries, but next”

Magaly Medinhe had an interview with Sheyla Rojas face to face by video call and did not hesitate to trolle her when he could. And it is that it reminded her of her classic “travels, luxuries, but next”, but the blonde took it diplomatically.

Beyond the luxuries, or a millionaire as you want to call him, the truth is I always looked for a man who gives me tranquility, peace and pampering, and then the truth that yes “, is listened to.

Another lawyer for Sheyla Rojas asks me to pay her fees

Owes. John Rodríguez pointed out that Sheyla Rojas has not finished paying her fees in the case against Magaly Medina.

Mrs. Sheyla promised to pay the money that was spent In the conciliation center that Mrs. Medina did not attend, that was on November 13, 2020. On that occasion she asked me to pay for the expenses, there she disbursed a thousand soles. Then we talk about subject of my fees that were a thousand dollars, not counting all the time I invested, “he said.

Antonio Pavón reveals that Joi Sánchez made a party for Sheyla Rojas

Recently, in conversation with Magaly medina, Antonio, his fiancée and the mother of his son are not only very close, but he even considers them ‘Pinkys’, as they have become inseparable.

Antonio Pavon revealed that his girlfriend Joi sanchez He was the one who organized Sheyla Rojas’ birthday in Fuengirola, and who had even more surprises for her in the next few hours.

Sheyla Rojas ‘swears’ she is not a kept

The model Sheyla Reds gave an interview to Magaly medina where she was annoyed and denied being a kept as many accuse her on social networks. Let us remember that this last Thursday the “crazy Lioness” was celebrating her 34 years in Spain with her son and her ex-partner Antonio Pavón.

The event occurred when Magaly Medina asked the former driver of “You are in all” what she was doing in Mexico, causing discomfort in Sheyla Rojas, who answered bluntly: “I have worked all my life. They cannot tell me that I am a kept because I have worked since I was very little”.


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