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This Monday the Municipality of Aguascalientes, through the Executive Office of the Municipal President, visited the facilities of the civil association Group for the Defense of Animal Life (GRUDEVIAN), this with the purpose of knowing the important work that this organization carries out in favor of society.

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The municipal president recognized the work of the GRUDEVIAN association, through its owner Laura González Careaga, who announced that for more than 20 years they have dedicated efforts to rescue and care of different animals such as dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and horses, among others, currently exceed 60 animals in their care, some of which are candidates for adoption by complying with their improvement and respective process within the shelter.

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There was also a tour of “The earth”Eco Recreational Center for preschool and primary school, implemented in 2013, which raises awareness from childhood on the preservation of the environment and animal care that will be reflected in a better society.

The Municipality of Aguascalientes will continue to support these protection initiatives raising awareness among citizens to contribute to animal care and the ecological environment.

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