Sheinbaum Celebrates Universal Scholarship for Public School Students

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“I want to thank the deputies of the Congress who voted to incorporate into the Constitution the universal scholarship for boys and girls who study in public schools, from preschool to high school. Once again, our City of Rights is at the forefront, ”she expressed on her social networks. Claudia Sheinbaumboss of Government of the country’s capital.

On the afternoon of this November 22, the plenary session of the Congress of Mexico City approved in general and in particular to raise social programs to constitutional rank My Scholarship to Start and the School is Ours.

With 47 votes in favor, zero against, and 11 abstentions, legislators approved the amendment to the Article 8section A, numeral 6 of the Political Constitution of Mexico City so that, in the country’s capital, all girls and boys enrolled in public schools from basic to secondary education have the right to financial support from My Scholarship to Start, that after being elevated to the rank of law will be called Wellness for girls and boys.

Currently My Scholarship to Start It is awarded to one million 200 thousand students in the capital of the country.

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Also, as part of the program The School is Oursthe opinion considers that in each fiscal year the educational establishments of basic public education in the Mexico City will have a budget allocation designated by the local congresswith the aim of improving the conditions of schools, which should be exercised hand in hand with parents.

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