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In Budapest, I should have mentioned that it all came to an end with Karabakh’s 3-1 win against Ferencvaros in tonight’s Champions League qualifier and a 4-2 win on aggregate.

So whoever wins in Skopje will face the Hungarian side next week.

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46 minutes – Shukpi only makes three half-time changes. Trapanovski, Brudalovski, and Dezeril join the team, while Ali, Shezi, and Ramane all leave.

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The second half is underway in Skopje!

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And Shamrock Rovers are somewhere in between! Steven Bradley’s team took a 3-1 advantage in Game 1 and kept a clean sheet despite plenty of Shukpi possession. All things considered, the results are positive.

Rovers have a clear goal in sight, so the night could be even better. Rory Gaffney’s shot hit the post, while Richie Twell’s shot was blocked by goalkeeper Naumowski and cleared by Senghor after Rovers cut through Shkpi.

0-0 break. We’ll be back soon with some late action.

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22 minutes ago

Half Time: Skopje 0-0 Shamrock Rovers.

23 minutes ago

46 minutes – Another yellow for Shukpi because Ali Adem is reserved.

23 minutes ago

Lost time of only one minute just before the end of the first half.

25 minutes ago

44 minutes – A couple of great crunch tackles by Lee Grace were stopped as the Shukpi players attacked and tried to create an overlap on the right.

30 minutes ago

37 minutes – Big chance for Shamrock Rovers! Finn and Green put a lot of pressure on Shkpi, trying to play through goalkeeper Naumowski. The shot was hit well, but Shukpi scrambled behind and Senghor stuck his foot out and blocked it on the line. Gaffney hits the rebound and Naumowski returns to block.

36 minutes ago

32 minutes – Shukpi almost makes a profit off the set piece! A free ball from the left He was kicked in and a packed penalty. Immediately after Queven lines up one from a distance, Mannus chases it all the way and chokes the ball.

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41 minutes ago

27 minutes – After Rory Gaffney switched to the inside, Aaron Green put in a decent effort and Green tried to bend a left-footed shot from far into the far corner. The setting is a little too wide and sticks out of the post, but Shamrock is more encouraging from his rover.

46 minutes ago

Source: Kostadin Andonov/INPHO

Rory Gaffney Take a Shot on Goal

Laurie Gaffney shoots.

Source: Kostadin Andonov/INPHO

47 minutes ago

22 minutes – The free-kick was in a dangerous position but Rovers handled it well and the ensuing cross fought back with pace. Midway through the first half, Shamrock is a great opportunity for Rovers!

48 minutes ago

20 minutes~ Shamrock Rovers player Ronan Finn gets a yellow card. Shenzi cleared on the left flank and was fouled by the retreating Finn.

51 minutes ago

18 minutes – Shukpi didn’t give Alain Mannus much time to land a drop kick forward. They pushed furiously and blocked him there, but the ball strayed to a Shamrock He Rovers defender.

53 minutes ago

Stephen Bradley

Shamrock Rovers boss Stephen Bradley.

Source: Kostadin Andonov/INPHO

54 minutes ago

14 minutes – Close up! With a quick counterattack thrown deep in the defense, Shamrock stretched his Rovers out in midfield, allowing Keben to run through and move into the infield, sending a whistling drive off the edge of the box past the right post.

59 minutes ago

10 minutes – Shukpi certainly have an element to push early on, and they look eager to close the two-point deficit early on. Still scoreless in Skopje.


8 minutes – At the third corner for Shamrock Rovers, Aaron Green’s shot was pushed back. The signs are positive for the away team and they are not sitting here.


7 minutes – Rory Gaffney looked really lively early on when he went down the left flank for Rovers. He hit woodwork and played a role in creating another chance less than ten minutes later.

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6 minutes – Another big chance for Rovers! With a great build-up involving Green, Gaffney and Finn, the play ended in a penalty he was sprayed across the box but Ritchie his twell covered when he allowed another corner Shukpi his Couldn’t close it out under pressure from defense.


3 minutes~ Rory Gaffney had a left-footed shot that allowed the keeper to hit the post and allow a corner kick.


3 minutes~ Nothing will come out of that corner either from Shukpi, but Rovers are keen to start pushing the play down at the opposite end.


2 minutes – Shkupi quickly hits its stride. As Ali shoots, Tymovski’s shot is blocked by Lee’s Grace and goes into the corner kick. Rovers were able to deal with the set piece, but quickly conceded another corner.


in progress! Start the game in Skopje.


So how did the two sides get to this stage?

Shamrock Rovers They kicked off their European campaign with a Champions League Qualifier with a 3-0 aggregate victory over the Hiberns of Malta. He then lost 4-2 to Bulgaria’s Ludogorets, and at home he impressed as he won 2-1 in the second leg after dealing damage in the first leg, which he lost 3-0. showed a positive reaction.

Incidentally, Ludogorets’ Champions League tonight isn’t going too well. Approaching half-time of their second leg in Croatia, they were reduced to 10 men as he lost 3-0 to Dinamo Zagreb on the night and on aggregate he lost 5-1.

Phyrom After beating Gibraltar’s Lincoln Red Imp 3-2 in their opening Champions League match, they lost 3-2 to Dinamo Zagreb, drew 2-2 at home and lost 1-0 to Skopje.


Roberto Lopez and Chris McCann

Roberto Lopez and Chris McCann.

Source: Kostadin Andonov/INPHO

Ronan Finn

Ronan Finn.

Source: Kostadin Andonov/INPHO


We have some important news from Budapest in tonight’s Champions League qualifying second leg. Kicking off at 7pm, Qarabag led 1-0 on the night and he led 2-1 on aggregate. An early goal for the Azerbaijani side from Abdellah Zoubir.

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Permutations related to tonight’s game.

A win for Shamrock Rovers tonight would see them advance to the Europa League play-off qualifying rounds against losers Ferencvaros of Hungary and Karabag of Azerbaijan. If Rovers lose that draw, they fall into the group phase of the third-tier conference league, so a win tonight would somehow guarantee group stage qualification.

If they get knocked out tonight by Shkupi, they’ll be in the playoff rounds of the Conference League awaiting Stephen Bradley’s team.


some pre-game reading The42’s Gavin Cooney previews tonight’s game.

The match has been overshadowed by lack of live TV coverage, but it was revealed this afternoon that the match will be accessible via LOI TV’s live stream.


So what about the hosts trying to turn things around in this second leg? Also joining the squad are Breton Shezi, Ali Adem and Pepip Georgiev.

FC Skopje: Christian Naumowski (Captain); Angelce Timovsky, Mr. Faustin, Gagi Margvelashvili, Blerton Sheji. Ali Adem, Freddy Alvarez, Kevan. Pepi Georgiev, Sundat Adetunji and Diene Albert Ramane.


Shamrock Rovers: Alan Mannus; Daniel Cleary, Sean Hoare, and Lee Grace. Ronan Finn, Richie Twell, Gary O’Neal, Andy Lyons. Dylan Watts, Aaron Green. Laurie Gaffney.

  • sub: Leon Pauls, Tom Laytis, Sean Gannon, Graham Burke, Sean Kavanagh, Jack Byrne, Justin Felizai, Gideon Tete, Aidomo Emak, Neil Fargia.


Then came the team news.

Shamrock Rovers made three changes from last week’s first leg. Daniel Cleary, Richie Twell and Aaron Green join the starting lineup. Sean Gannon and Graham Burke are on the bench, while Chris McCann is out with an injury.


all evening. It’s a big night for Shamrock Rovers, who are at the forefront of European group stage football.

After last week’s 3-1 victory at Tallaa, they are in great position going into the second leg of the third round of Europa League qualifying against Shukpi.

Tonight they head to the Todor Ploeski Arena in Skopje, North Macedonia.

Kickoff is at 8pm and we will track all the action.

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