Shalom Aleikum: How Israel and Morocco are coming closer | – news

Broadcast: NDR info background | 03/15/2021 | 8:35 pm | by Benjamin Hammer – Dunja Sadaqi

25 Min
| Available until March 15th, 2022

Israel is beginning to open up politically to individual Arab states. Israel does not have such close ties with any other Arabic-speaking country as it does with North African Morocco. Unlike most other Arabic-speaking countries, Morocco continues to have a vibrant and visible Jewish community. Synagogues have been extensively restored for years, and Jewish centers have been opened by the King himself. In the new constitution of the kingdom, the Jewish identity is explicitly mentioned. With the resumption of diplomatic relations, contacts are now set to become even closer. The economic hopes are high in both countries.

Every ninth Israeli comes from Morocco or has ancestors from there – around one million Israelis. The memories of emigration are not always positive. There were pogroms against the Jews in Morocco too. And in the young state of Israel in the 1950s, many Moroccan immigrants faced poverty and discrimination.

A feature about similarities and breaks, hopes and precipitation. About past, present and future.


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