Sexy Zone, live Blu-ray & DVD “Sexy Zone Anniversary Tour 2021 SZ10TH” released on January 26th next year.Part of the recorded video Teaser Weekly advance release plan also decided

The jacket photo of the live Blu-ray & DVD “Sexy Zone Anniversary Tour 2021 SZ10TH”, which is a video of the 10th anniversary tour of the debut released by Sexy Zone on January 26, 2022, has been released.

The first limited edition is a “SZ special BOX specification”, a design that emphasizes the “S” and “Z” of Sexy Zone, the stage decoration that was impressive even on the tour. The regular edition uses photographs of the entire venue where the concert is revived.

In addition, to commemorate the release of this work, a part of the recorded video teaser will be released in advance every Saturday from December 4th at 12:00. Eight songs will be released on the Top J Records YouTube channel along with past concert footage until the week before the release. Looking back on the history of the past 10 years, it seems that it will be a coveted project for fans who can feel the growth of Sexy Zone.

The first release will be premiered at 12:00 on December 4th tomorrow, and even though the fans are separated from each other, they can get excited together on the same channel. It will be released every week until January next year, going back in time, so please look forward to which songs will be uploaded every week.

Sexy Zone「RUN」2020→2021 [Sexy Zone Anniversary Tour 2021 SZ10TH] TEASER


▼ Release information
Sexy Zone
Live Blu-ray & DVD
『Sexy Zone Anniversary Tour 2021 SZ10TH』
Released on Wednesday, January 26, 2022





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■ There are benefits
“Sexy Zone Anniversary Tour 2021 SZ10TH” original clear file (A4 size) will be presented on a first-come, first-served basis!
* It will end as soon as the benefits expire.

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