Setting up a business in their neighborhood: who wants to get started?


Has your recent installation in the premises of the Thi’Pi digital hub change anything in your operation?

Delphine Eugène-Thomas, director of Alexis Trois Frontières: ” Absolutely not ! We simply took the opportunity to get closer to the Thi’Pi ecosystem ; our activities are complementary. We always act on technical support for business creation; we always offer training and we can refer people who want to test their project to our business incubator, Pacelor. We can also do business consulting. “

Has the health crisis changed the profile of the people who turn to you?

“No, at least not yet. Most of them are job seekers in retraining; company employees who want to get started because a project is close to their heart; people who take action because they feel ready… ”

What types of projects do they offer?

“Very classic activities, including catering. The common point that characterizes them, I would say, is that they all incorporate the concept of distance selling. The crisis has inevitably disrupted commercial approaches, but we still observe that people want to move forward ”.

The news for the start of the school year is also the contest entitled Je monte ma box. What exactly does this consist of?

“This is an operation intended for people residing in one of the districts of Yutz or Thionville falling under the city’s policy or who wish to create a business in these geographical sectors (Basses Terres, Côte des Roses, Cours de Rome, Saint-Pierre La Milliaire in Thionville; Terrasse des Provinces and Quartier de la Cité in Yutz). The idea is to raise awareness and support the creation process in areas where initiatives are too rare. The support that will be offered to the winners will be more supported because often the carriers go from further afield […] This is the third edition. Last year, eight people joined the program, seven followed it completely. In the end, three created their business, one of which is testing the viability in an incubator ”.

File to download on www.concours-jemontemaboitefr ; more information: [email protected]

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