Servel revealed all the details for the election of governors this Sunday

The Electoral Service (Servel) released the details for the election of this Sunday, June 13 by the Regional Governments that will be carried out in 13 regions of our country, with the exception of Valparaíso, Aysén and Magallanes.

As in the previous elections held during the Covid-19 pandemic, this time health measures such as the use of a mask, physical distancing, constant hand hygiene and respect for gauges.

Election Day will start at 08:00 in the morning and will end at 18:00, and curfew will not be changed because it is a much simpler election than the May one, since it is only one vote with two options in each region.

In addition, and very important, the elected must carry a blue paste pencil to exercise voting, in addition to the identity card -which may be expired- or passport, and the elderly, pregnant women and people with reduced mobility they will have preferential hours throughout the day.

Regarding the polling stations, the president of the Servel Board of Directors, Andres Tagle, noted that “there can be no fusionBut there can be (tables with) two members and the delegate of the premises can distribute the members. If they have three tables and two are working with three (members), they can remove one of each and make the third work with two “.

“Now, we must comply with the law: the tables are constituted with this system of vowels that is made by lottery, who are citizens, to give guarantee to everyone. we need them to arrive and attendIf they do not attend, obviously we cannot invent vowels at the last moment, “he added.

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The table vowels will be the same than in the double day of the mega election in May. This time, yes, they should not appear 24 before before to set up tables and they must arrive directly at the installation of tables at 07:30 hours on Sunday, half before the opening of the tables.

From the Government, meanwhile, they reported that during Sunday afternoon the political committee will be in La Moneda monitoring the electoral day, The results of which will be known between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

“The Government has to continue ensuring that the processes are transparent, that they are fast, and that they give guarantees to all those who participate in them,” explained the Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, and for the same reason “part of the team (Cabinet) will be in La Moneda, receiving not only results, but any incident and situation that we can correct“.

The Minister of Transport, Gloria Hutt, guaranteed that in the 13 regions where there will be a second round there will be more than 1,900 free public transport services to encourage citizen participation, among them, the Santiago Metro.

The Undersecretary of Crime Prevention, Katherine Martorell, meanwhile, explained that the curfew will not be modified, that is to say, it is maintained from 10:00 pm: “This given that it is a simpler election and quite agile in terms of vote counting,” in comparison to those of May 15 and 16, he said.

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The government authority pointed out that those who need to move from one region to the next must travel carrying their identity card or passport, their Covid passport and the Servel query data that prove that they vote in the region of transfer.


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