Serious incident at Colțea Hospital. Doctor, on the verge of death

Today’s case at the Bucharest hospital says everything about the bad conditions in the medical system. Dr. Marian Stamate, from the ENT department, was electrocuted in the operating room with the electrosurgical unit, an instrument with which he cuts himself during the operation. He was on the verge of death and is now hospitalized in the intensive care unit and is in stable condition.

The doctor operated on a 24-hour guard

He was not the only one affected by the incident. The resident doctor, but also the patient who was on the operating table suffered. Three months ago, Stamate had another incident like this, also with the electric scalpel.

“I was told that during the operation there was a short circuit to a wire of the electrocuter used by this doctor, whose name I do not want to make public. The patient did not suffer anything. Neither the doctor. No one is in therapy. Intensive cardio-respiratory arrest or other things I hear Both the doctor and the patient are in good condition, ie they have not suffered any burns Unfortunately this doctor got electrocuted I don’t know what happened After the first incident I asked the companies Those who did not have a permit from the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices (NAMMD) were withdrawn, and those who are now in operation are authorized by the NAMMD. the device that electrocuted the doctor has an opinion. We don’t know what to say, this device is used by 30 surgeons and we only had such situations with this doctor. We will check what is happening “, said the manager of Colţea Hospital, Anca Wolf.

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The Ministry of Health will start an investigation at Colțea Hospital, but not before the institution receives the agreement from the Capital City Hall, under whose subordination it is. Eleodor Cârstoiu, the vice-president of the Hippocrates Federation, stated that the doctor was coming at the time of the operation after a 24-hour guard.

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The electrosurgical unit offers a clean and coagulated, high-precision cut. In May 2010, Colţea Hospital was inaugurated after several years of renovation. The salons, operating rooms, laboratories and doctors’ offices were rebuilt and modernized, including new equipment.

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