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Series of FC Einheit Rudolstadt torn

Football league team FC Einheit Rudolstadt loses 1: 2 (0: 1) against new table leaders FC Eilenburg

Benjamin Bahner (here in an earlier game) hits the connection for the Rudolstadt team. But the 1: 2 in stoppage time came too late to save at least one point.

Photo: Peter Scholz

After four rounds without a defeat, the Rudolstädter Oberligakickers got it again on Saturday. At the new league leaders FC Eilenburg they lost 1: 2. And that deserves, as unit coach Holger Jähnisch stated after the game. “Eilenburg simply had an advantage in terms of football and was clearer and better exploited his possibilities,” he explained.

The coach was particularly satisfied with the performance of his protégés in the second section. He said: “I can live completely with the second half. We played with heart and a positive emotionality and tried to turn the game around. “

Because when the Berlin referee asked to return to the deep, but easy to play area in the Ilburgstadion after the break, the guest was 0: 1 behind. Goal scorer Tim Bunge provided the goal. He had been cleared well by his teammates and had little trouble hitting the far corner from a half right position (24th). It was only the home side’s second chance.

The Eilenburg coach Nico Knaubel had to watch as Marco Riemer forced his keeper to do a brilliant act before the bunge hit with a header after the first corner kick for the green-yellows (23). But then again danger was imminent when Böttger again narrowly missed the Bresemann box (26th). After that, Rudolstadt developed a corner advantage. However, it did not produce anything countable.

With the two changes – Markus Baumann and Julian Zarschler came for Tommy Barth and Luiz Schack – his coaching colleague set new impulses, Knaubel recognized the new tactical orientation of the Rudolstadt team. They demanded the locals to be extremely focused and the equalization was possible (46th). But Eilenburg also knew how to defend himself and did not curl up.

After 76 minutes, it seemed to be over for the Saxons. Tom Krahnert’s hand was involved in a rescue operation on the baseline. The penalty whistle and the 2-0 through Adam Fiedler, who used humorlessly, were the result. “That was the safe lead, although Rudolstadt did not give up. The guests have shown great morals, ”said Nico Knaubel, noting the adversary.

Then it was not just about the “hand of God” in the opposing penalty area, but about that of an Eilenburger. But the second trader, surely transformed by Benjamin Bahner, came too late. The Muldestädter also cleverly downplayed the last three stoppage minutes and were then able to look forward to their sixth win in the seventh round. Nico Knaubel did that too: “It was the expected difficult league game with the expected resources of both teams. In the second half the game was on the brink. But Rudolstadt didn’t quite get to the end. “

And that is the verdict of Holger Jähnisch: “A defeat always hurts, especially when you see how it came about. It has been seen that we do not finish the accounts clearly enough. We still have great potential here. Then we come too late to hit the next goal. however, had previously failed to calmly play out the chances more clearly. We have to improve that. “

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