Sergei Zhukov told how he was kidnapped by Ufa fans

Sergey Zhukov came to Ufa to open Hands Up Bar

Photo: Elvina APARINA

Today, May 29, Sergey Zhukov arrived in Ufa to open the Hands Up Bar at Gostiny Dvor. At the press approach, he told the most memorable case related to fans in Bashkiria.

– It was, I think, in 1999 or 1998. Before the concert we were met by the organizer in an expensive car. Then for us, young boys, it was unusual and unusual. The organizer introduced his daughter, beautiful, about 23 years old, and her friend, – Sergey recalls.

The girls invited the musicians to go for lunch, but after the journey they agreed.

– We drive for an hour, two, I ask – where are we going? They are silent, – Zhukov continues. – In the end, they brought us to a country house, where the table is set. In general, they took him hostage and did not release them. Our concert has already begun. As a result, because of them, we were late for the concert. They drove! These are the girls who live in Ufa.

Zhukov admitted that he would like to find those very fans and asked them to respond.


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