Serena Williams plans to donate over 4 million masks

08/09/2020 11:21 PM

The tennis player Serena Williams worries about the children in the USA. That’s why she wants to donate over four million masks to financially weak schools.

Serena Williams (38) is an extremely strong woman. But she knows that her muscles cannot protect her from a corona infection either. At the start of the pandemic in March, she admitted on TikTok that she was in total panic of the virus.

She confessed, “I just get nervous as soon as anyone sneezes or coughs around me, it drives me crazy. And I don’t see anyone. And when I tell anyone I mean my daughter. “

Serena Williams understands concerned parents

So the professional athlete was not worried about herself, but about her little daughter Alexis Olympia Jr (2). Like her, many other parents must have been.

The concerns of parents in the USA are now increasing significantly. Because although the crisis in the states could not yet be contained, the school should be reopened nationwide. For many an absurdity. Serena Williams now wants to help the millions of parents to at least a little attenuating concern for their children.

Donation goal: 4.25 million masks

The 23-time Grand Slam champion has teamed up with t-shirt maker Bella + Canvas, the National School Board Association and Scholastic to provide schools in need with the masks that are urgently needed. A total of over 4.25 million masks are to be donated to the educational institutions.

The aim of the program is also to provide educational material to 54 million children in 115,000 schools across the country about the importance of masks during the corona pandemic.

imago images / PanoramiC

The # MasksForKids program

It shouldn’t just be a one-time donation. Since the corona crisis in the USA will most likely be rampant for a few more months, the athlete’s program was also designed for the long term. The icon continues on Instagram: “

“The # MasksForKids program gives schools quick access to affordable masks and educational materials. In addition to donating 4.25 million masks, one more mask will be donated for every mask bought by schools. I am grateful that I can help educate our schools about this resource and that I have been given the opportunity to help so many students ”.


Comeback bei den US-Open

But there is also good news in these difficult times. Serena Williams confirmed again in a virtual press conference that, if the big US Open tennis tournament should take place, she will take part.

Many of her colleagues had already canceled their participation in the tournament. However, due to the current situation, it is not yet clear whether and when the games would take place. The original plan was August 31st.

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