SEPADA will invest in plant, animal and aquaculture health

With the sum of producers, the State Government and the Federation will give this year a strong boost to plant, animal and aquaculture health; this in order to maintain and strengthen the sanitary status of our agri-food production, channeling an investment of more than 32.9 million pesos, reported the Secretary of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Agricultural Development (SEPADA), José Alfredo Bermúdez Beltrán.

The state official stressed that these resources will allow the continuity of campaigns and actions in this area, an aspect that is essential for the marketing of products, especially to enter and position themselves in markets with high purchasing power.

Likewise, he valued the work carried out by the state committees for Plant Health, Aquaculture and Livestock Development and Protection; At the same time, he pointed out that, in these efforts, the participation of the South Californian producers is essential, since, no matter how many resources and efforts the authorities and auxiliary organizations make, these will be useless if their committed collaboration is not counted on. responsable.

Secretary Bermúdez Beltrán specified that, in animal health, special attention will be paid to campaigns against Tuberculosis and Ticks, in which significant progress has been made, and in the case of the former; it is essential to achieve the certification that allows ranchers in our state to import live animals to the United States of America.

Finally, he said that in plant health, the actions against the fruit fly will be addressed in a timely manner, seeking to keep our state free of this plague, without neglecting the other campaigns and certifications that the entity has; while, in aquaculture health, the sanitary certification of water bodies will be strengthened, which directly benefits the producers of the different regions of Baja California Sur.

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