Sentenced to four months in jail for poor care to his dog in Catarroja

State in which the dog was when she was taken to the animal shelter

The Criminal Court number six of Valencia has sentenced a resident of Catarroja to four months in prison for a crime related to the protection of domestic animals, included in article 337.1 of the Penal Code, for not paying due attention to his dog Aika, of the Doberman breed. As the sentence has proven, the defendant “did not attend to her minimum needs, deliberately leading the dog into a slow and safe chain of serious ailments and diseases, which could have led to her death.”

The sad outcome could be avoided thanks to the fact that on October 29, 2017 the animal was collected and transferred to the El Rebrot de l’Horta animal shelter. Faced with the terrible state in which Aika was, the dog was rushed to the Innova Veterinary Clinic. The animal presented “a terrible body condition, with severe muscle loss secondary to atrophy, unable to stay in station and move, with evident pain on orthopedic manipulation, severe degree of dehydration, generalized dermatitis with severe desquamation and presence of wounds in the region. tarsal by abrasion, lumbar region by abrasion and in the right ischiopubic region, deep and with severe loss of cutaneous epithelium ”, as described in the report of proven facts of the sentence.

Likewise, his immediate hospitalization was necessary at the Aúna Veterinary Specialties Clinic, all in order to correct the hydroelectric imbalances and severe dehydration observed, and to treat the wounds and the infectious disease (Leishmaniasis) that he presented. Thanks to these cares, the evolution of the animal was favorable and little by little it regained mobility, until it was completely autonomous.

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In addition to this evident lack of attention to his dog, who had in an area of ​​blocks parallel to the CV-400, in the municipality of Catarroja, the now convicted man had not implanted the corresponding identification microchip in the animal.

The ruling imposes on the defendant four months in prison out of the one-year sentence requested by the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office. Likewise, he is disqualified from the exercise of profession, trade or trade that is related to animals and for the possession of them for a period of one year and one month. The private accusation has been brought by the protector Modepran, through the lawyer Felipe del Baño. In terms of civil liability, the convicted person must compensate the El Rebrot de l’Horta shelter with 1,597 euros.


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