“Senescyt wants to charge me $64,000 for a scholarship I won”

“Son $ 64.442 that Senescyt wants to charge me and my father for some supposed amounts that I did not declare from the scholarship that I won”, says Daniel Moya, who studied at Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia, since 2014, thanks to this benefit.

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Now Moya and his father Byron find themselves with a payment order for a sum mayor to 64 thousand dollars, of values ​​that have not declared, according to the Secretariat of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (Senescyt).

Both don’t just feel fear for the large sum they must pay, but indignation because, they say, they have met all the required requirements.

The caseByron Moya is being charged values ​​from his son’s scholarship that the Senescyt says it has not declared, despite having the relevant invoices.

“They want to collect this debt from me tremendous because supposedly we have not canceled scholarship values; but every semester I had to declare all these expenses, because if I didn’t, they wouldn’t give me the funds to continue with my degree… The worst thing is that I’m still abroad, and now my father is the one who has fallen all the weight of this debt,” says Daniel, who has not returned to Ecuador, as he is realizing a master’s degree on his own from the same university from which he graduated.

Daniel adds that since the notification of payment of the debt reached him, he and his father have gathered all the evidence and documents that prove where they have allocated the funds that were delivered to them, but the public institution has not given them an answer, they just continue to charge them without space to dialogue or analysis of his case.

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EXPRESO has reported in previous editions on the difficulties that debtors of university loans have to solve these amounts.

Unlike previous cases, Moya did not request a loan, but rather a scholarship, but shares with the others affected the indisposition of the Senescyt to find solutions to this problem.

Daniel’s ordeal began in 2020, when his father received a call that he had to pay more than 64 thousand dollars in 72 hours, because if he did not do so, they would enter into criminal proceedings. coercive and their bank accounts would be frozen.

Byron recounts that at that moment his blood pressure dropped, he didn’t think about anything other than ‘how come I have to pay $64,000? I don’t understand. What’s going on? What I do?’. He didn’t know what to do, but after seeking legal advice on the matter, he discovered that he needed to have been notified at least three times before so they can start this whole process.

I just want to figure this out… Sit down and go through each page and get this all straight.

Byron Moya, debtor

“By law it should have been like that, but the first two times, that supposedly They notified me, they did not do it because they had misspelled my email. That is why I was able to enter into a protection action and prevent the payment at the time,” Byron says.

But now in 2022 the coercive process began again, despite the fact that for the second time they did not notify him the first two times, only until the process began. debit money from their bank accounts.

Currently, Byron does not deposit money to the bank, because by court order all deposits will be retained in any financial institution that it maintains.

In the case of Daniel, since he does not reside in Ecuador, he does not have this problem, but the concern for his father, who is the one who must face this case solohas put him against the wall, because he cannot help him now by pursuing a master’s degree and making his life in Australia.

Faced with this situation, Diario EXPRESO communicated with the spokespersons of the Senescyt by telephone and via email to find out their version of this problem, but until the closing of this note there was no response.

As this newspaper has recounted in previous reports, this entity it’s not pronounced about the type of help it will give to those who have accessed university credits. They are not asking to be absolved of their debt, but rather to be allowed to pay it off in fair and without the obstacles that have been placed on them.

Likewise, Byron, who is in the coercive process, and with fear that the little money he has also be taken from him, he does not ask that the debt be absolved, but that he be given a fairer treatment than not harm your economy.

“I don’t want my debt to be eliminated just because I say so, I want you to see all the evidence that my son’s university has been paid for with the funds that they have given us… I am showing my case, my testsand I only ask that we sit down and review, as it should be, my invoices to make this whole matter clear, ”says Byron, sitting in the living room of his house, where he shows a series of documents that he keeps jealously in envelopes and manila folders as proof that he and his son have acted responsibly.

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